We are with you every moment of life.(Labels for the sector)

Everywhere that the production and consumption ,we live intertwined with the label in many products using everyday.Our wide range product;

Chemical labels ,on the liquid detergent used in the kitchen Chemical Labels
Milk and mil product labels, on the cheese in the delicatessen Milk and Dairy Products Labels
Drug labels ,on the drug you drinking Drug Labels
Mağazadan aldığınız kıyafetlerin üzerinde Textile Labels
Textile labels,on the clothes that you get from the store Market Labels
Supermarket labels,on the products receiving from grocer Meat and Chicken Labels
Beverage labels ,on the beverage box Beverage Labels
Cosmetic labels,on the cream that putting your hands Cosmetic Labels
Metal labels,on the battery that you purchased from hardware Metal Labels
Ceramic labels,on the sink in your bathroom Ceramic Labels
Automotive labels,on the parts of the car that you using Automotive Labels
Porcelain labels,under your plates in kitchen Porcelain Labels
Fruit labels,on the fruits that you get from the market Fruit Labels
Furniture labels,on the desk in your room Furniture Labels
Label’s on the fertilizer used in agriculture field Agriculture Labels
Hospital labels,on the registration form in the hospital Hospital Labels

In shortly,İntersam Label with you every moment of life.

Press yourself your labels…

Todays ,labelling, which is necessity,has product identification, provide a modern looking to the product due to entiring automation.In classicial method product labels are prepared by printing pres and firms,which need to labels,they had to prepared well in advance.When a small change in the label used,these labels would remain in the hands of company as disposed of a stock.
Is there too much variety in your range of products?Should you make a different label for each product?Has changed the information on the labels so can not you use?

Stop the stock label…

The İntersam Label proses “semi-finished” stock for such stock of firm.They are special labels,that stable information production places,are printed as colourful by our company and designed by putting a special blank for that can be written informations on the label by you.If you are using very variable labels,if you are having problem about label’s stock,please contact us.

Customer oriented

Our company always focuses on customer needs and hapiness of customer.One of the main activity of our sale team is customer visits.We are aware of the comments from our customers,which is the most important informations,will lead us to success in the future.We set our process for the needs of our customers.We are able to serve on customer basic.

Dispatching information system

Dispatching is an issue which is difficult problem in most companies.Products, which are not stil reach to firm,said to send…Despite reaching to company,do not given us the authority to purchased products…
As İntersam Label family,we have created the dispatchig information form for our customers saved such problems.We provide to our customers to following their orders due to dispatching information form.This form is forwarded by e-mail to ordering .In this way,our customers know how much product is prepared before reaching products bill.