Flexo printing

İntersam Label ,which the company has incorporated 9 colourful UV flexo EFOKA printing machine,have offered quickly and affordably solution for your circulation working.We can apply with printing machine like mirror printing,back and front simultaneous printing,cold gold,on the gold with colour printing,part of lac-dye printing,online rotary(fly-cutter)cutting,cellophone coating,double (pigibag)labels.Moreover,we can apply these methods as online and single-pass.

Mirror Printing

The mirror printing method has been preferred esecially by chemistry and vegetable oil industry.The kinds of labels, which have appleyed to adhesive side of the label, have prefered for packaging of transparent packet.Though the mirror printing,manufacturers can get rid of two separet labels (back-front) for the products fitting all the informations on the costs of a single label.

Back-front Simultaneous Printing

This kind of labels have been using for producing non-stick label like admission ticket.The machine can simultaneously print to front section 5 colours, to back section 4 colours,Moreover,it can cut planning size of knife or as rool one by one.

Double (Pigibag) Label

The label has been using intensively in chemistry,agriculture and cosmetic sectors.In the eye of the law;if the label is not fit on the other label’s surface,two labels pressing one after the other.The tecnique, which has removed the remaining label from the customer,is composed of private parts printing techniques.

Cold Foil Application

Within the structure of İntersam, both hot foil and cold foil applications have been applying.The most prominent feature of the cold and hot foil that ;hot foil is a printing method which foils are transferred to a surface at high temperatures .Cold foil is a dry printing method in which ahead dry and foil are used apply graphics to a surface.

Colour Printing on Foil (Effective Printing)

In many label company,because of external printing of foil,there is hot foil implementation by another machine after normal printing on the foiled labels is finished.On the labels which are implemented hot foil, it can not be done printing again to make an effect.Within the İntersam ,because foilding is implemented on line on the stage of printing.It can be made available to continue of printing on the foil.Forexample;on the 6 coloured folding label,it is printed 4 colour and in the fifth unit ,it is implemented foilding an than two colour can be printed on the foil.


Implementation of lac is done printing the labels brighter and to made the printing least more permanent.Within the İntersam, lac implementation is done more different than classic methods and it can be done partial and so there ,it can be available bright and mate view.


Especially,on the label sticking machines on the implementing the labels on the package,there is a highly essential matter is that the label carrying of glassine should not be harmed.The paper’s surface is rough and dull.It is used in intermittent A4 paper in laser printing and photocopy machine.It is not recommended for ribbon printing.It is suitable for toner,ink printing.

Offset Printing

Offset printing is the most commonly used printing method for many years.The technology has been printing sheet of paper and label company is adapted to the machine that the offset printing roll to roll printing.The İntersam Label’s machine park was synchronized with new Technologies.İntersam Label has been incorporating which the machine have 5 colours+lac-printing full UV ofset machine.Thanks to our offset printing machine in our structure high-circulation work can be printed smothly .Beside this,We offer the advantage of low prices and mission cost in small quantities labels.

Silk Screen Printing Machine

Although silk screen printing has been applying in advertising and printing sector,the technique has entered the label sector recently.The İntersam, label which has got extensive machine park,has taken into servise to full UV screen printing label machine.The main areas of applying of the label area consist of ; transfering at the intense dark dye on transparent label,fluffy lacquer application ,silvery effect prints.The machine has been directed to label’s for breaking the routine.Beside, the İntersam label will be start to using braille for sight-disabled person under the name of social responsibility project.With used silk screen printing for braille, the aim of İntersam label by investing in the future is to have already experience in this regard.