In 1998,İntersam Label founded under the name of İntersam Construction Product and Mechanical Cleaning Product Marketing Industry and Trade Limited Company in Ulubatlı Hasan Avenue.Our company deaded in industrial products in those years.In 2002,it purchased first label cutting machine and the company started producting of unprinted label in Vişne Street.After,in 2003,İntersam Label was moved in Gazcılar Office.The company was changed hand in 2006.Tezelli Family who current operators,was purchased it.The firm’s corporate name was changed as ‘İntersam Label and System of Barcoding Industry Trace Limited Company by Tezelli family.This company that invest in machine moved to Demirtaş Organized Industrial Zone in 2007.And until 2012,the company’s production was keeping on this area.In turkey,we continue to work about label and ribbon with new ofset machine investment since 2012.The modern factory buit on 1500 m’2 covered area in Nilüfer Organized Industrial Zone in Zeytin Street and we have wide machinesection.